Inspiration of the Day

One See Great Things From The Valley, Only Small Things From The Peak.

G.K. Chesterton

I Come To Realize That Each Achievement Is Only A Point Along The Road.

The Real Goodness Of Living Comes From The Journey Itself,

With The Striving And Desire To Keep Moving.

Maurice Maeterlin

Ring And Jewels Are Not Gifts, But Apologies For Girls. The Only Gift Is A Portion Of Thyself.

Ralph W. Emerson

Being Big And Rich And Well -

Armed Does Not Make You A Leader. Followers Make You That,

And The Loyalty Of Followers Has To Be Earned By More Than A Great Speech And An Inspiring Life Story.

Michael Elliott

If You Know What It Is Going To Look Like Before You Begin, It's Not Worth Starting.

Frank O. Gehry

Living In The World Always Requires Action.

The Idea Is To Be Wise Enough To Act In A Way That Reduces Or Eliminates Reactions That Bring Us Suffering.

Phra Bhasakorn Bhavilai

People Die. That Truth Is So Disheartening That At Times I Can't Bear To Articulate It.

Why Should We Go On, You Might Ask? Why Don't We All Just Stop And Lie Down Where We Are?

But There's Another Truth, Too.

People Live. It's An Equal And Opposing Truth. People Live, And In The Most Remarkable Ways.

Lance Armstrong

If You Believe That Every Life Has Equal Value,

It's Revolting To Learn That Some Lives Are Seen As Worth Saving And Others Are Not.

We Said To Ourselves: This Can't Be Truth.

But If Its Is Ture, It Deserves To Be The Priority Of Our Giving.

William H. Gates III

We Grow Only By Giving The Best Of Ourselves To Something That We Believe In Heart And Soul.

This Is The Essence Of Loyalty.

Harvey N. Davis

It Is My Great Hope Someday To See Science And Decision Makers Rediscover What The Ancients Have Always Known,

Namely That Our Highest Currency Is Respect.

Nassim Nicholas Taleb

Be More Concerned With Your Character Than With Your Reputation,

Because Your Character Is What You Are,

While Your Reputation Is What Others Think Of You.

John Wooden

Think Twice, Do It Once. Do It Once, Do It Right.

Isabel Vince

The Real Reward For Pain Is This: Self-Knowledge.

If I Quit, However, It Would Have Lasted Forever, That Surrender,

Even The Smallest Act Of Giving Up, Would Have Stayed With Me For The Duration.

When You Felt Like Quitting, You Had To Ask Yourself Which You Would Rather Live With.

Lance Armstrong

If You Are Doing Your Best, You Will Not Have Time To Worry About Failure.

Roberts Hillyer

In The Proximity Of Death, The Whole Concept Of Ownership Stands Revealed As Ultimately Meaningless.

Eckhart Tolle

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