We strive to discover unique stories embedded in each project, each program, each site, each time period, and sometimes, each client too.

Projects are not just merely about buildings and interior spaces, very much about the people, starting with our clients and the end-users. Architecture is about space. Therefore what values we provide are about people’s engagement with and experience of space.

We help our clients to maximize project potentials and increase their property’s short-term, mid-term, or long-term value, often not what they imagined possible when approaching us the first time. We firmly believe good design is the cornerstone in creating lasting value.

We bring achievable visions to our clients. Developing great ideas is fundamental, but we know it is only half way to the finish line. Execution is a critical key for any successful projects.

We believe there is a crossroad between art and technology in our process and products. We provide architecture, interior, masterplanning, information technology, and audio-visual design services but do not valuate them separately, instead they are interdependent disciplines in the process of creating innovative buildings, spaces, and values.

Great architects are masters in the art of balance, including but not limited to balancing objectives, time, budget, and quality. Being able to provide full services from initial concept to final completion, we’re experienced in developing strong overall strategies as well as detailed approaches to break down large problems to smaller and manageable tasks.

We focus on users’ experience, in particular how people interact with natural environment, built environment, and technology integrated environment. We appreciate opportunities to enhance experience and to make a difference in our living environment. This is the reason why we respect small projects as much as large ones, challenging budget as much as generous budget, interiors as much as architecture.

We provide design, drawings, specification, and material samples, these products are important deliverable but do not define our services. Our service is in providing values.



For all projects, we begin with listening with no exception.

With thorough understanding of the clients’ and users’ needs, we develop relevant concepts, often in plurality and diverse, and go through a process of fi nding their merits.

Drawing to us is not a piece of paper, but a verb; an act of “drawing out” ideas and the essence of the project.

Model to us is not the product, but a process; an abstraction of form and space to which we’re attempting to capture.

We use sophisticated computer software to prepare deliverable, 3D Printer for model-making, virtual reality technology for visualization. However we fully understand they are the means, not the ends.