Sai Wan Ho, Hong Kong
Interior Stage Set Design / Commercial
Completed, 2017
Absolutely Fabulous Theatre Connection Co. Ltd
Design Architect
EC3 / A:I
A:I Project Team
Dennis Lee, Sanna Lee, Zoe Lam, Celia Yeh

Our client is a non-profit arts organization dedicated to nurture the next generation of youth. In 2017, they re-imagined English novelist Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein and made the drama “Franky” as part of their “From Page to Stage” program.

We collaborated with Los Angeles’ EC3 to provide a background setting that satisfied performance needs for all scenes. Due to space and project budget limitation, the design is one fixed stage set up with four areas to bring out the four major story scenes: the Living Room, the TV Studio, the Laboratory, and the Street. The stage set levels made by metal scaffolding with translucent polycarbonate boards to provide audiences the futuristic feel and serve as backdrop for lighting and projections.

The project would not be a success without a strong script, ultimately it’s all about the story regardless of how the stage set, lighting, video projects, or human performances are. The adaptation is deeply influenced by the British TV series “Humans” that explores the themes of artificial intelligence and technological revolution. The performance, although only at 1 hour 15 minutes, was able to capture major themes about AI and robotic technology to keep the audience thinking.