Kowloon Tong, Hong Kong
Architecture / Residential
Completed, 2012
C&O Company Limited
Chase Exchange Limited
Design Architect
Authorized Person
CM Wong & Associates Limited
Structural Consultant
Main Contractor
Chap Shing Industrial Co. Limited
E&M Contractor
Kai Sing Electrical Engineering Limited
Dennis Lo Designs
A:I Project Team
Dennis Lee
Ruby Chow
Billy Chung
Alex Pun
Ice Ou

Wiltshire Villa is a high-end residential townhouse in a quiet neighborhood in Kowloon Tong area of Hong Kong. Both property owners used to share an entry lobby with private driveways on each side leading down to garages below. With lack of maintenance the lobby suffered from leaky ceiling from garden terrace above and flooded garages during rainy days.

In this refurbishment project, A:I first convinced both Owners not to consider a new common lobby, but to think of each of their private frontal space to be a large and welcoming “living room”. The Owners would be able to park up to 4 sedans in the living room in addition to parking spaces on and at the end of the driveway, adding value to the property especially for Hong Kong where private parking spaces are tremendously precious. The front facade would be simplified with two large tilt-up garage doors with wicket doors. The garage door material, similar to the living room ceiling, would be durable exterior wood paneling.

To address the Owners’ concern about lack of street lights at night, the design include ample lighting inside the “living room”, along the divider and side walls, around the perimeter of the garage door, and through the frosted glazing on the garage door panels, offering enough light in front of their entrance for security but not excessive to bother their neighbors.